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Pulcinella, an exceptional character for the new Arcadia Yachts advertising campaign

ARCADIA 105 PulcinellaEvery ARCADIA yacht is unique, designed to surprise, and is as congenial and welcoming as the land it hails from, the Amalfi Coast. All these traits are perfectly embodied in the new ARCADIA YACHTS advertising campaign, which has a hidden bonus – an unexpected character that evokes the Neapolitan territory with a surprising spirit.
Is he the owner? Readers are free to give their own answer. Regardless, the mysterious person dressed all in white is a contemporary interpretation of Pulcinella. There are no changes to the traditional black mask, the characterising trait that makes Pulcinella recognisable all over the world.
This Neapolitan character – the symbol of “commedia dell’arte” – reflects some traits of the Brand’s personality, such as inspiration, originality and Neapolitan attitude. Pulcinella’s origins are lost in the history of Neapolitan comedy, somewhere between legends and facts. This ironic, original, welcoming and ever-busy character, with amusing failings and virtues, symbolises man’s truest spirit, which can always surprise and overcome obstacles. To this very day, he is the histrionic voice of the Neapolitan soul.
Pulcinella is the personification of strong social and cultural aspects that travelled around the world, exporting Neapolitan values and traits, taking on the most suitable name in each country, yet remaining the undisputed child of Naples – cutting, passionate, generous, curious, tireless and creative. The presence of Pulcinella is documented in many genres and forms of culture that have spread all over the world (such as music, art, dancing, poetry, narrative fiction, theatre), inspiring great artists such as Picasso, Stravinsky, Goethe and Tiepolo. For this reason, the Società Italiana per la Museografia e i Beni Demoetnoantropologici (SIMBDEA, the Italian Society for Museum and Heritage Anthropology) has applied for Pulcinella to be included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, to legitimise his embodiment of the culture of Naples and Campania that is acknowledged in Italy and internationally.
Since 2008 – a modern shipyard, increasingly the symbol of the nautical industry in the Capri and Sorrento area, with 47,000 m2 of facilities where artisans, modern technologies, attention to detail and the environment are perfectly integrated.
Since 2017 – the mantra YACHTING RENAISSANCE, based on placing the owner at the heart of the project, creating the spaces that surround him, allowing him to fully appreciate the environment that surrounds him – to begin design of the yacht considering the owner and how he intends to use the yacht, not starting from the shape of the hull.
Ample open spaces let you emerge yourself in the marine environment; the much longer than average aft-decks create a sensation of oneness between the yacht and the sea, a natural continuity of the vessel itself. The full-height windows, the lateral openings and the innovative glass surfaces that appear and disappear like windows in an automobile, all combine to generate spaces with imperceptible borders between inside and out; enclosed spaces dissolve and are assimilated into the nature that surrounds them.
Beginning in September 2017 the ARCADIA YACHTS fleet will be divided into three ranges:
– Gamma A: The first and most typical ARCADIA range continues to respect the values of ARCADIA YACHTS and is made up of five models: A85, A85s, A100, A105 and the A115.

– Gamma SHERPA: After the world-wide success of the yacht of the same name, the 78’ SHERPA XL will be launched with all the unique characteristics of the SHERPA concept on a larger scale, increasing space dedicated to conviviality, cruising range and belowdecks volume.
– Gamma FOR.TH.: The entry into the world of steel-hulled vessels, where FOR.TH. stands for Forward Thinking, a project aligned with ARCADIA’s philosophy on yacht size, where ostentation often prevails over the simple pleasure of yachting – staying close to nature, with time and space to stay close to one’s family. The first model of the Gamma FOR.TH will be 47 meters long. Contact with the surrounding environment will be assured by the use of large glass surfaces and open transoms on both the main and upper decks. All exterior design solutions reflect the maximum in conviviality. Design philosophy for the proposed interiors is based on a refined and contemporary open floor plan, clearly citing modern real-estate design. Spacious salons closely interact with the open air.