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Arcadia 85, beautiful and different

It is also solar panels Arcadia 85 boat that was created with the aim of combining the comfort and elegance in a unique high quality product. A new way to experience the sea, in the name of innovation and ethics. Because navigate is a privilege to live without ostentation, without haste, without waste. To enjoy the sea with respect for nature and the economic value of each share. A concrete commitment, both style and substance. A project in a few years become a new benchmark for the industry, an ecological dream at sea.
Engine: 2 × 730 hp
Generators: 2 × 20 kW
Air conditioning: 120,000 btu / h
Davit electrohydraulic: 500 Kg
Gangway: 4.0 m
Stabilization system: with option “zero speed”
Bow thruster: 25 kW
Sewage treatment
Solar panels for battery charging
Electric propulsion optional
Semi-planing hull series NPL
Hull length: 23,97 m
Draft: 1.65 m
Fuel capacity: 6000 l
Gray water capacity: 700 l
Length f.t .: 25.90 m
Width: 7.15 m
Full load displacement: 62 t
Fresh water capacity: 1700 l
Sewage capacity: 360 l